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At Ingrams we supply servicing, maintenance, repair and restoration of any type of industrial, commercial or private clocks. We have over 100+ years of experience maintaining clock mechanisms, systems, faces including those clocks that are Tower, Facade, Pole and Drum systems.

If you have a clock that needs updating, servicing or repair we can supply you with professional services.


The services we offer are unique to each clock and time system. But there is no job

too big or small


Here is a simple list of capabilities that we have done for some large projects:

GPO Melbourne
- Clock mechanisms restored and regularly maintained

- Major overhaul of Bells ,tuning and operational functions

- New bell programmer supplied and installed

- Autowinder fitted

Richmond Town Hall
- Clock faces and hands repainted

- Metal Roman numerals supplied and fitted to building

- Motion works serviced and hands restored

Flinders Street Tower clock
- Monthly routine service to mechanisms and glass repairs as required

Ingrams Staff servicing the Myer Clock i

Ingrams servicing the tower clock in the Myer building in Melbourne

service and maintenance of clocks


Master and slave systems we service all types of impulse systems supplying new movements where required as well as replacement glasses and cases. All sizes stocked. Masterclocks also repaired and programs upgraded where possible.

Below is a gallery of some of the restorations, maintenance and servicing we have done on famous clocks all over Australia.

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