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- Servicing


- Fabrication of new for old parts

- New tower clock builds and installation

Ingrams Time systems currently services many Tower and Public clocks throughout Australia. From simple routine maintenance to complete refurbishments Ingrams has the knowledge and ability to help.

Historically significant clocks are worked upon with current heritage best practice in mind, if a clock is changed to automatic winding or an electronic drive it is done in such a way as to be 100% reversible with no permanent changes to the fabric of the original clock. 

With some sites it is necessary to fabricate replacement parts. With Flinders St Station, some hands were badly corroded that replacement sections were made in the same fashion as the originals, using the same joining techniques and limited sheet size. This was accomplished so well that it is impossible to tell which hands have replacement sections.

Ingrams can also supply new Tower Clocks. Yea Town Hall for example was built with a clock in mind, but did not have one fitted until the 2000’s when Ingrams installed three stepper motor powered motion works and a Master clock to drive them. 

Examples of some of the tower clocks we have worked on can be seen in the galleries below.

If you have a public or tower clock that needs servicing, maintenance or a full overhaul, then call us here at Ingrams and we can make a solution for you.



RMIT Clocktower Melbourne


Rotary Club Clock Tower Berwick Victoria



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