Our synchronized timers are perfect for all types of sporting events, from small local competitions to large international venues. They are extremely accurate and reliable, making them ideal for use in any sporting environment. Whether you need one timer or large synchronized timing system, we have you covered. 

PE900 Series Open Case Pace Timer

Features continuous running double ended second hand only.

  • Power 240V 50 Hz

  • Motor 3W

  • Shaft 3mm Diameter

  • Rotation 1 RPM

  • 240-volt mains powered, can be hardwired, or supplied with fitted plug and lead at extra cost (length of lead to be specified)

  • 900 x 900mm Face size – Case size is 1000mm.

  • Mounting Bracket/Backing Board Supplied

  • Also available in IP Versions with Metal Case / Plastic or Toughened Glass Lens. Special faces or branding on request. Price on application

  • 12-month Warranty

WS Pace Clock

- Analogue pace clock for interval training.
- Designed for wall mounting or floor mounting on a stand.
- Available in two sizes.
- One or four hands (propeller hands).

Single-sided pace clock suitable for damp environments such as indoor pools etc. The dial face is painted white with black numerals and characters. It has a black minute hand or four hands in red, yellow, blue and green.

The clock is designed for wall mounting or floor mounting on a stand.


- Digital timing with built-in start function.
- Shows times for competitors, functionaries and audience in e.g. orienteering, marathon, car racing etc.
- Has one RS485 input.

The sports timer can be used as a real-time clock or as a timer that counts up or down. It has a function that allows lap times to be recorded and in its real-time mode there is a function for counting down to repeated starts. In addition to the remote control supplied, it is also possible to connect start and stop signals, e.g. a starting gun.


- Add-on module that displays real time.
- Internal illumination.
- Clock diameter Ø900 mm.
- Synchronized via GPS.

Analogue clock with internal LED illumination intended for outdoor use.
Made using the same case as the other add-on modules for F1.

Control system
The clock is synchronized via GPS. The receiver is built into the clock.


- Displays game time, period time and pause time.
- Available with character heights 60mm and 120mm.

Official’s clock for connection to the BASIC scoreboard.

The official’s clock shows the same information (game time and pause time) as the scoreboard as long as the control unit is connected. When the control unit is no longer connected, it acts as a regular clock for real-time display.