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Master Clock KNX

Master Clock KNX

- A unit that synchronizes all clocks connected in a KNX system.
- Summer/winter time adjustment.
- Automatically resets correct time after e.g. a power failure.
- Pulse output for controlling various types of clocks.
GeneralWesterstrand KNX master clocks synchronize slave clocks using a KNX bus. The master clock transmits the time and date at intervals that can be set using ETS4 / 5, and it can also answer time queries. Both UTC and local time can be transferred and used simultaneously with different group addresses.WDP-Q KNX can be synchronized using GPS or DCF, or from another master clock via the KNX bus.The master clock can also be used to synchronize slave clocks using minute impulses.It has fully automatic correction of summer/winter time and a preprogrammed calendar.Relay controlWDP-Q KNX has 8 switching KNX outputs that can be programmed using buttons on the master clock. ON/OFF can be programmed for day, week and year, or to follow a schedule. The outputs can be programmed for one or more schedules, e.g. for school and working hours.Power failureIn the event of a power failure, the master clock retains its settings for up to 72 hours. If power is restored within this period, the master clock automatically resets all clocks in the system.

  • Tech Specs

    Automatic summer/winter time:YesPower supply:230 VACMax load, pulse output:1× 1AImpulse memory:72 hoursAmbient temperature:0°C to +40°CProtection class:IP20Dimensions WxHxD:190x160x103 mmWeight:

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