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  • PLF50_4

    The flush mounted clocks are available with 50 mm high digits, 4-digit (HH:MM) and 6-digit (HH:MM:SS) versions. Designed to meet operating theatres standards - stainless steel casing and glass face. The clocks can be additionally equipped with a flush-mounted stainless steel remote control necessary to operate the stopwatch function. They also offes the option of an alternating time and date display. The clocks are managed via the web panel or via dedicated RGB Clock Set software. 


     Super bright wide-angle selected LEDs 

     Legibility even in direct sunlight (automatic brightness control) 

     Module construction, easy installation and maintenance 

     Additional functions: stopwatch, 

     Clocks are operational via LAN interface, optionally with wired remote 

     Possible synchronization with NTP server 

     Optional accessories: GPS receiver, temperature probe, 

     As standard clocks are wall flush mounted 

     Stainless steel case with glass face (can be cleaned with industrial cleaning supplies) 

    Price List 

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