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  • PPL200/4POE

    The clocks made in the Prestige Line technology are compact devices of high configuration capacity. The intuitive user's menu allows you to fully customise the type of the displayed information. The devices have non-volatile memory, which stores the entered settings. The set consists of a clock, mounting hardware, a remote control or a LAN communication module. The clock may be optionally equipped with a satellite time synchronisation module, a temperature probe, an industrial acoustic signalling device.

    • Features

      The clock enables:

      • adjusting the time of displaying parameters,
      • adjusting the date format,
      • automatic brightness control,
      • fixed time display blanking,
      • automatic satellite time synchronisation (option),
      • automatic NTP time synchronisation (option),
      • automatic time change from the standard time to the daylight saving time and from the daylight saving time to the standard time,
      • displaying temperature (℃, °F)
      • displaying time in the 12/24-hour format
      • time countdown - stopwatch function
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