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- Clear scoreboard for small/normal sized arenas.
- Displays the score and game time.
- Extra bright outdoor LED digits.
- Scoreboard is operated by a wireless remote unit with integrated antenna.

Scoreboard with LED digits in SMD technology. Its design makes it suitable for e.g. soccer and bandy. The board is operated via a wireless remote unit.
Shows the score and game time for the current game.

00-99 (two digits per team).
Extra bright outdoor LED digits.

Game/Playing time
Countup or countdown displayed using four digits (minutes and seconds).
Local time can be shown when no game is in progress.

Character height
300 mm (F300B)
450 mm (F450B)

  • Tech Specs

    Power supply: 230 VAC
    Ambient temperature: -20°C to +40°C
    Dimensions WxHxD: 1700x900x110mm F300B
      2600x1400x110mm F450B
    Weight: 40 kg F300B
      70 kg F450B
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