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Time Server

Time Server

- A unit that controls all clocks connected in a time system.
- Summer/winter time adjustment.
- Automatically resets correct time after e.g. a power failure.
- Pulse output for controlling various types of clocks.
- Relay output for controlling fans, illumination, alarms, break signals etc.
- Built-in network module RJ45.
GeneralThe master clock is the brains in a timing system. All of the smart functions such as summer/winter time adjustment and time reset after power outages etc. reside here.It has a preprogrammed annual calendar/almanac with the year’s public holidays already entered.The type of communication that controls the slave clock is chosen in the master clock, e.g. 24 VDC pole-switching minute impulses, Time code or NTP.For extra accuracy, an external signal receiver e.g. GPS can be connected to the master clock.Power failureIn the event of a power failure, the master clock retains its settings for up to 72 hours. When power is restored within this period, the master clock automatically resets all clocks in the system.Relay outputsA total of 800 control functions can be programmed across 2, 4. 8 outputs. Repeating a daily function on a given output requires only 1 control function.Ethernet moduleThe master clock is also equipped with a network module that enables the master clock to be connected to a network via the built-in RJ45 connector.The network connection can be used for time distribution, remote control, alarm management and monitoring.A standardized NTP (Network Time Protocol) is used for time distribution, and SNMP is used for alarms and monitoring.When the Ethernet module is used for time distribution, the master clock can act as a primary NTP server or NTP client. Units connected to the network that supports NTP, can receive the correct time from the master clock via the network module.


  • Tech Specs

    Automatic summer/winter time: Yes
    Power supply: 230 VAC
    Max load, pulse output: 1A
    Pulse memory: 72 hours
    Ambient temperature: 0°C to +40°C
    Protection rating: IP20
    Dimensions WxHxD: 446 (484) x 44,5 (1U) x 210 mm
    Weight: 1.6 kg
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