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Westerstrand OP CLOCK, DIGITAL

Westerstrand OP CLOCK, DIGITAL

- Stainless steel housing.
- Polycarbonate front.
- Red LEDs.
- Built-in dimmer.

Combined digital and analogue indoor clock designed for use in operating rooms. The clock has a polished stainless-steel housing and polycarbonate front.
It has an automatic built-in dimmer.

The display can be programmed to switch between time, date and temperature mode. (To display air temperature, a sensor is required – purchased separately.)

The digital clock can also be used as a chronometer (option).

The clock is also available as ImpulseTimecode, or as Stand-alone.

Single-sided for surface or recessed mounting.

Power failure
The LEDs are extinguished during power failures. An internal clock keeps time for approx 48 hours. When power is restored, the LEDs light up displaying the correct time.

Character height
50/35 mm

  • Tech Specs

    Impulse Timecode Stand-alone
    Automatic summer/winter time: Yes (via master clock) Yes (via master clock) Yes
    Power supply: 230 VAC 230 VAC 230 VAC
    Power reserve: 48 hours 48 hours 48 hours
    Power consumption:      
    Ambient temp: 0 to +40°C 0 to +40°C 0 to +40°C
    Protection class: IP54 equivalent IP54 equivalent IP54 equivalent
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