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Flinders Street Railway Station

Clockmakers Ingrams Time Systems have been the support line for the analogue clocks that are in use here. From the Huge Towerclock at the Elizabeth st cornet to the famous “clocks” that tell when the next train in coming.

Several times in the history of this building Ingrams have made major restorations or modifications to what the public sees.

This time the restoration and upgrade of the entire building in Flinders Street has included a major service of the big 4 faced tower clock a Melbourne landmark.

Ingrams Time systems PL today commenced work on the Tower clock and we expect the clock to be out of commission till the end of the year.

Other recent land marks have been updated as well:

Dimmeys in Richmond

Richmond town hall

Melbourne GPO

Flemington race course.

Clocks are taken for granted but you would really notice if they all were removed.

Pity we can’t get an OK to fix the monster on Kingsway at the petrol station.

And finally will Kingston City Council get the famous little Nylex clock running again. It would cost a lot less than the big Nylex clock and it’s just as important.

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