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Iconic clocks of Melbourne

Flinders St railway station. A most common image in promotional photos of Melbourne is the view of the famous “clocks at the entrance” and the Tower clock as well.

Of course, the clocks at the entrance are not clocks but indicators of when the NEXT train is due on that platform. However more importantly is the fact all these clocks are maintained by Ingrams time systems. Our company, with a heritage going back to the 1890s, has built or maintained every major clock in our city except some that are not working because the owners have let the servicing lapse.

The iconic clocks such as Melbourne Town Hall , Myers buildings Bourke St and Lonsdale St The Herald Building in Flinders st. Just to mention some in the city.

Then you have the famous Catani clock built by Ingrams and a host of town hall clocks, Hawthorn Town Hall , Richmond Town Hall, Port Melbourne Town Hall, Moorabbin Town Hall (now KINGSTON CIVIC CENTRE), Caulfield Town Hall Brunswick Town hall and the list goes on.

Then let us not forget other Grand clocks  such as the GPO in Elizabeth St Melbourne or the Famous T and G clocks in Geelong and Warrnambool and other country towns.

Post office Tower clock also cover Daylesford, Castlemaine, Maryborough, Hamilton, Traralgon and many more.

What tourist literature does not feature Gog and Magog the famous giants from Norse mythology who chime for the clock in Royal Arcade.

Ingrams time systems have a huge responsibility with keeping on time the clocks of this city and state and even interstate. The Tower clock at the Rocks in Sydney designed and built by Ingrams about 30 years ago or the landmark Myer clock is Rundle St Adelaide also designed and built over 25 years ago. Even the GPO in Hobart.

Horology is not a dying profession… it is kept alive in the public arena by Ingrams Time systems.

Every day somewhere you will look at a clock somewhere that has been built, serviced, or maintained by the staff of Ingrams Time systems.

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