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We are horological consultants, but what is a horologist?


What is a Horologist?

Henry Ekselman is always getting asked. Horology is the science of Time. Ingrams Time systems is a company of Horological  expertise. We act as horological consultants. That is, we advise on the design and installation of Clock systems in projects all over Australia.

There are so  many clock systems today that clients need  a Time systems consultant to select what best suits their requirements.  Many older clock systems in schools, hospitals, factories and other large organizations have been in operation for many years and the time has come to service or upgrade the technology.

Ingrams Time systems Pty Ltd now offers a range of clock systems that do Automatic daylight savings changes, and need no wiring. Wireless systems with synchronized time. Great for a big organization but what about a small office that wants to minimize the chore of changing times. Ingrams Time systems now offer normal Battery office clocks that run for up to 4 years on One set of batteries and do their own daylight savings changes automatically. You can even have a domestic Kitchen Clock with Ingrams daylight savings movements.

Clock Systems Consultants can help save large amounts on Wiring costs with advice on clocks that can run up to 10 years on a set of batteries.

Fully Synchronized systems that have no wires but use GPS or NTP as a time reference.

Already installed in Monash University Latrobe university Melbourne Grammar University of WA. and many other sites the 900MHz technology delivers a very strong reliable Time signal much more suitable to large areas than the WIFI clocks.

Ingrams has WIFI clocks that are suitable in small work places and some domestic locations where the Wifi signal is strong. 900MHZ is much stronger than wifi in the commercial  world.

If a location had NTP and PoE we have a range of suitable clocks that can adapt to the clients Ethernet.

So a clock is not just a clock and if you want the best clock systems or stand alone clocks call Ingrams Time Systems and speak to us as we are the best Time Systems Consultants and we are the master Horologists.

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