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Wireless Clock Systems

One of the exciting developments in recent years in the Clock Industry has been the development of stand alone wireless clock systems. Unlike Europe and America In Australia and New Zealand there is no local time signal broadcast like the DCF77 system in Europe.

This leaves the only options for synchronised clocks to be wired to a Master clock or Network, GPS or local Wireless broadcast.

For reasons of economy the various options are each the “Best” in particular circumstances.

We have chosen to pursue development of wireless systems using the 900 mhz  frequency for various reasons, we feel it is the best available frequency range in Australia for this purpose.

The Transmitter uses GPS or optionaly Network time as its timebase to give very accurate timekeeping.

We now have a range of Clocks, both analog and digital available in a Wireless master and slave system.There are serveral insitutions that have had the system installed and have been running successfully for quite some time.

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